“Men are naturally primal sexual beings; deep down women want to be.” Anon.

The pleasure imperative brought us again to the anachronistic rusty chain wire gate of Liz and Noel’s mansion near Geilston Bay. The coarse bluestone gravelled track wound its way around an embankment to their owner built house on a lifestyle block overlooking the River Derwent near Hobart, Tasmania. That 100 metres of driveway was our last “turn back” moment, once sight from the house we were committed to play.

Noel met us at the garden gate with such eagerness that told us he had been waiting so expectantly for quite some time. After mandatory hugs we were ushered in through the sliding glass doors of what had been the original basement garage but was now converted into a self-contained flat. This was our first visit to their new house. It was to become a familiar abode.

We had been daytime shopping in Hobart. The mundane tasks completed we were on our way back to the East Coast. Now our reward was play time.

The cup of tea proffered by Liz was welcome and helped refocus me somewhat, after facing the rush hour traffic on the East Derwent Highway. It was our accepted practice to avoid eating too much until after play, the sugary Boston bun we brought was quickly demolished. Mary had an issue with hypoglycaemia so it was a prudent precaution.

There was little preliminary chit-chat in the nervous anticipation of what was to unfold. Noel made the first move suggesting that Mary might need a massage after the stresses of the day. That was acceded to without a word, and the four of us made our way, with some trepidation, up the stairs to the mezzanine floor bedrooms.

All had been prepared with careful forethought by an experienced swinging couple. The whole floor had been designed with this end in mind. First Mary was offered a towel and invited into “Pleasure Central”. Noel was aware that Mary was self-conscious about the caesarian scars on her abdomen so he left graciously. It gave me a chance to take in the setting. On entering there was a clear glass screened shower bay, then a professional’s massage table and further back a large futon on the floor – The Yellow Brick Road to orgiastic delight!! All tastefully arranged with subdued indirect lighting, a ylang-ylang scented burner on a low table with all the necessary accoutrements close at hand. In the background soft music wafted from hidden speakers. The room was heated to a comfortable temperature. It held great promise.

After Mary finished showering she stepped out onto the soft white bath mat to meet me holding the matching giant fluffy white towel. I had undressed. Our initial contact was a total skin on skin embrace, a little wet, but familiar. I felt so honoured, so imbued with love as I dried her petite Asian body, her long black hair now showing an odd grey strand. She lapped it up.

It was time. Noel was laying on the bed in the next room snuggled up to Liz. “Are you ready yet?” He sounded a little impatient.

With Mary’s wet hair turbaned in the towel I took her by the hand and stepped her towards the massage table. The ever thoughtful Noel had placed a small wooden step to aid her to mount the elbow height table. It was to have a vital role as the early evening unfolded.